Saturday 16 December 2017

My daughter rebels against my fashion advice - stylist Lisa Fitzpatrick


Lisa Fitzpatrick
Lisa Fitzpatrick

SHE'S a fashion-forward mum who makes a living from showing women how to dress stylishly. But there's one young lady that Lisa Fitzpatrick wishes she could make-over.

Many stylists dream of dressing up Hollywood celebrities, but all Lisa wants to do is to style up her daughter Sophie - but the 12-year-old is having none of it.

The mother-daughter duo are poles apart when it comes to their sense of fashion and Lisa revealed her girl won't let her famous mum anywhere near her wardrobe.

"Sophie has no interest in my style. She tells me sometimes 'Mum, what are you wearing?'. We're polar opposites when it comes to fashion," Lisa told the Diary.

"She's the one person I would love to dress, because I can see her in real cool clothes. We'd go into Zara together and I'd show her cute ankle boots or parkas but she won't entertain me.

"She rebels against everything I say," she added.

Despite her young age, the broadcaster said Sophie already has her own trademark style.

"She has this signature look - she loves hair-bands and big bows like Imelda May, she's into a totally different style to me," she said.

"She's a really gorgeous girl though, and so good."


As summer draws to a close, Lisa, who is also mum to 10-year-old Dalton, said she's dreading September and sending her kids off to school.

"Sophie is going to secondary school and it just feels wrong," she said.

"I keep looking at her and thinking she's too young to be going, she's my baby."

The bubbly blonde, who tours the country with her Fashion Fix workshops, will have her work cut out for as her already-independent daughter becomes a teenager and Lisa admitted she's not looking forward to when she starts going to teenage discos.

"I dread it. I know what I was like at that age so I know it will be terrible," she laughed.

"Sophie isn't even a teenager yet so apparently the trouble is yet to come."

Lisa's said that plans to write her third book have taken a back seat for now.

"The book is there, in my head, and I'm trying to develop it. It's not really happening at the moment though," Lisa said.

"To be honest I don't have much time to do it now. I should really have done it over the summer because that's when the kids are busiest but maybe next summer."

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