Friday 17 January 2020

'My da's everywhere now', says Brendan's 'little girl'

Comedian Brendan Grace passed away on July 11
Comedian Brendan Grace passed away on July 11

A daughter of the late comedian Brendan Grace has said the "little girl" in her is still "fretting" for her dad to return.

The father-of-four, who was diagnosed with pneumonia in June, died from lung cancer at the Galway Clinic on July 11. He was 68.

Born in Dublin's Liberties in 1951, Brendan began his on-stage career as a singer, but turned to comedy, becoming well-known for characters such as Bottler and the Father of the Bride.

Marking a month since his passing, his daughter Amanda wrote an emotional post on her Facebook page, revealing how tough life is without her father.

"One month today. I drove past the clinic (hospital) yesterday. I felt it in my stomach first. The sinking, like metal in my belly," she wrote.

"I caught myself scanning the windows. Searching. I was looking for his. Looking for Him.


"I felt the sorrow well up in my throat, my grip on the wheel as my eyes filled.

"I felt the little girl in me, fretting for her daddy."

She said she knows that she is facing so many "first" occasions without him.

"Time has become now a thing that inserts itself as the distance since I last sat with or spoke to him. And it hit me, all the lasts. All the firsts yet to come," she said.

"The gone-ness. The not there-ness. The longing.

"My da has never not been there. He's everywhere now, I know. Loving. Loved. Always. Having our lovely dad at the forefront of a nation's heart and mind, is the most beautiful sadness I have ever felt. I want my sadness to stay beautiful. Just like him. He will never leave us."

In later years, Brendan divided his time between Ireland and Florida.

He had been due to tour Ireland over the summer prior to his diagnosis.

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