Wednesday 23 May 2018

'My boy Jacob is lucky to be alive' - mum hits out at 'danger' junction

Jacob Borkowski injuries
Jacob Borkowski injuries

A horrified mother has called on the local authority in west Dublin to address concerns about a notorious traffic junction, after her son was struck by a driver who failed to stop at the scene.

Gosia Borkowski said it was a "miracle" her son Jacob (12) is still alive following the hit-and-run incident.

He was struck while crossing the Blackhorse Road in Blanchardstown, at around 6.30pm on September 12.

The driver failed to stop and gardai are currently investigating the incident.

Mrs Borkowski said the light at the crossing was green for pedestrians and the car was driving at a "very fast" speed.

She said she is thankful her son's injuries were not "more serious", and is calling on local councillors to address the notorious Corduff/Castlecurragh junction.

Jacob suffered a fractured finger and toe in the incident.


"I'm still in shock. It's really a miracle that he is still here with me," said Mrs Borkowski.

"He was going to football training at the time. One of the witnesses, who was crossing the road on the opposite side, said he is lucky to be alive. It's such a dangerous junction.

"There are kids constantly crossing there and it is only a matter of time before there is a fatal accident."

The Borkowski family has been living in the Blanchardstown area for 16 years and Jacob's mother said the junction is a known safety hazard.

"We took him to the hospital and he has a cast on his arm now, but he is very shook up after the whole thing," she said.

"Something needs to be done before it is too late."

Jacob's football club, Corduff FC, appealed for any other witnesses to come forward.

"We have roughly 175 kids who cross this junction each weeknight for club training and the risk of a kid taking the hit rather than the traffic light pole is a real and present danger," the club said in a statement.

"Traffic undertakes on the inside lane to either make it toward Ballycoolin or toward the N3 and avoid the traffic turning in to each of the above estates mentioned.

"The traffic does this at speed even though both directions have a blind spot for traffic turning in to either estate and the junctions pointed out have absolutely no protection for pedestrians."

A spokesman said gardai are still investigating the incident.

"At approximately 19.00hrs, gardai from Blanchardstown attended the scene of an alleged collision involving a pedestrian and a car at Blackhorse Road, Blanchardstown," he said.

"The car involved has yet to be identified and enquires are ongoing."

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