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My body's going mad for pizza, says pregnant Karen

"Pizza, pizza, pizza," is what Xpose star Karen Koster's body is telling her now that she is seven months pregnant.

It's a food craving that many mums-to-be will be familiar with.

The presenter has opened up about how well her pregnancy has been going so far.

"I was lucky I didn't get any morning sickness. I didn't really even have any tiredness," Karen said.


"I do not take for granted that I've felt very well on this pregnancy, I do appreciate every good day I have and I do hope it means good health for the baby."

Her plan is to take six months off on maternity leave from the popular TV3 show.

"I've only six or seven more weeks of work and I'm gone," she revealed.

But first she will be co-hosting TV's The Christmas Toy Show on November 21 with Brian McFadden in what is set to be one of her final presenting gigs before she takes time off for the birth.

And when she has the baby, she revealed that she wants her face to be in the showbiz news of the day.

"I want my face to pop up because we've done it for the other girls," she said.

The 33-year-old revealed that staying healthy during the pregnancy is something that was at the front of her mind.

A conversation with nutritional expert Dr Eva Orsmond first caused her to be mindful of this issue.

"She was talking about how the future health of the next generation is really dependent on women of child-bearing age right now. And it was something that hadn't really occurred to me, it really got me thinking," the presenter said.

"It's hard because if I listen to my body, I'll just hear pizza, pizza, pizza," she said.

"You're hungry, and you read online that it's important not to put on too much weight and then you think, 'But I'm hungry all the time'.

"So I'm not going to push through and say, 'I'm not going to have a snack'."

The star revealed that during the early days of her pregnancy, the most difficult thing was keeping it from the rest of the crew on Xpose.

"In work I found it really stressful not saying it but when I did say it, I was thanking God. I didn't realise how much of a burden it is," said Karen in an interview with Woman's Way. She added everyone from TV3 couldn't have been more chuffed.