Monday 21 January 2019

'My 18-hour days are so worth it' - blogger Louise

Blogger and model Louise O’Reilly says helping fans of her blog ‘is the best feeling in
the world’ (INM)
Blogger and model Louise O’Reilly says helping fans of her blog ‘is the best feeling in the world’ (INM)

She has just been crowned Ireland's most influential fashion blogger - and with a legion of fans thanking Louise O'Reilly for putting curvy girls on the map, it's easy to see why.

The 27-year-old is the woman behind Style Me Curvy, one of the country's most popular fashion and beauty blogs.

While trying to juggle a hectic career as a full-time model and running her blog, Louise revealed she receives hundreds of messages from girls thanking her for helping them with their body image struggles.

"I probably get about 200 emails a week, it is really lovely," she told the Diary.

"It's a combination of people struggling with finding something to wear or people struggling with their own body image issues. They are delighted that they have the blog to go to.

"That one message that shows you have had an impact on someone's life makes everything worthwhile.

"Nothing else matters. It's the best feeling in the world."

Managing two jobs is no easy feat, and Louise often works from morning till night, with hardly any sleep, to achieve her goals.

"I constantly have a balancing act going between modelling and blogging.

"I could easily be working 18-hour days before I am finished," she said.

"It would not be uncommon for me to stay up till two or three in the morning answering everybody's questions."


"But I would not have it any other way."

Louise recently scooped the award for Most Influential Fashion Blogger at the Irish Blogger Association Awards and was up against some big names.

"It was the last award of the night. It was quite a big award," she said.

"They kept it till the very end. There were some big names up for it, including Cian Twomey, Brendan Courtney, Pippa O'Connor and Suzanne Jackson. I was among an amazing list of people."

Up against such big names, the Dubliner did not think she stood a chance of winning.

"I was absolutely floored when they called out my name, it was really lovely."

Although she's thrilled with her success, the blonde acknowledged that it is a lot tougher for aspiring internet stars to make it big these days.


"Starting out blogs now, because the industry is so big, it can be quite tough for people.

"It's quite easy to get overwhelmed when you're just starting out."

Louise reckons it takes a certain type of person to make it big.

"You have to have a certain kind of personality to be able to blog. People don't realise how much work goes into it."

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