Saturday 20 January 2018

Murphy 'in secret hospital visit here'

THE HSE would not confirm or deny that they facilitated an out of hours visit between freed rapist Larry Murphy and an elderly relative.

Reports have surfaced that suspected serial killer Murphy is alleged to have been smuggled into the geriatric hospital well after visiting hours had ended, in recent weeks.

He and an unidentified man are understood to have visited the relative for a few minutes during the meeting.

Workers at Baltinglass Hospital were reportedly told they would be fired if they took pictures of the suspected serial killer during the visit.

A spokesperson for the HSE told the Herald this morning that they would not comment on the reports.

"We don't disclose any confidential information on any of our out-patients or clients," the spokesperson said.

Murphy fled to Spain earlier this month to escape the glare of publicity after his release from jail but is believed to have returned after an elderly relative fell ill.

The notorious criminal was freed from Arbour Hill prison in early August, after serving 10 years of a 15-year sentence for a brutal attack on a woman in the Wicklow Mountains.


The former carpenter reportedly moved to the Costa del Sol and the Malaga area in the south of Spain in an attempt to avoid intense media attention.

There have also been unconfirmed reports that a deal had been struck with French authorities to allow Murphy to live there.

Under the terms of his release, Murphy has to inform gardai where he is living. He successfully applied for a passport and driving licence while in prison and as a EU citizen is entitled to travel anywhere in Europe.

He has been under close garda surveillance and was watched by several undercover detectives during a visit to Cork.

Fears had been growing locally that the sex attacker would return to the Baltinglass area where his ex-wife and family have rebuilt their lives.

But according to reports, Murphy moved to Spain at the start of the September.


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