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Murderer Nevin to appeal case

A BID by Catherine Nevin to take an appeal against her conviction for murder to the Supreme Court will be heard on July 7.

Nevin is seeking to bring her case on the basis that it raises points of law of exceptional public importance and that it is in the public interest that these should be decided on by the Supreme Court.

In 2000 Nevin was jailed for life for murdering her husband Tom Nevin at their pub, Jack White’s Inn, near Brittas Bay, Co Wicklow, on March 19, 1996. The 61-year-old has always denied any involvement in the murder, and lost an appeal against her conviction in 2003.

Le burger 
s’il vous plait

The French elite may scorn McDonald’s for what they see as an economic and gastronomic horror in the same bun, but citizens in a town in northern France have taken to the streets to demand a branch of the US fast food chain.

Authorities in Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise, near Lille, have been asked to reverse their decision to suspend construction of a new outlet.

Thai troops block protest

More than 1,000 Thai troops and police sealed off one of Bangkok’s busiest intersections to prevent a planned protest, as authorities said they would no longer allow any demonstrations against last week’s military coup.

Truckloads of soldiers blocked all incoming roads to the capital’s Victory Monument in a massive show of force. There was little sign of protesters, who have come out almost daily to defy a ban on political gatherings.

Pitt prankster has history

A man arrested after rushing up and touching Brad Pitt on a Hollywood red carpet is a Ukrainian journalist with a history of getting too close to celebrities.

Vitalii Sediuk was jailed before the premiere of the movie Maleficent in Los Angeles after approaching Pitt on the red carpet.

In February the 25-year-old Sediuk grabbed the microphone before singer Adele accepted an award at the Grammys. Last year, Will Smith slapped Sediuk after he tried to kiss him on a red carpet.