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Murdered pair ‘were set up by close criminal pal’


DISCOVERY: Gardai at the scene. Photo: Stephen Collins/ Collins Photos

DISCOVERY: Gardai at the scene. Photo: Stephen Collins/ Collins Photos

DISCOVERY: Gardai at the scene. Photo: Stephen Collins/ Collins Photos

DETECTIVES investigating the sickening double murder of two pals whose decomposed bodies were found on an island lake believe they were set-up by one of their closest criminal associates.

The evil Dublin crimelord who gardai believe is behind the murders had been actively looking for murdered Eoin O’Connor (32) and Anthony Keegan (33), despite the fact that gardai believe he set up the close friends for their gruesome deaths.

The shocking development comes as port-mortem results showed that both O’Connor and Keegan were shot in the back of the head “execution-style” after being lured to their grim fate.

However, gardai believe that one of the men witnessed his friend being shot dead - after the autopsy showed that he had been shot in the hand in an attempt to defend himself.

This bullet then passed through the unfortunate victim’s stomach before he was shot in the head.


“What happened here is an example of absolute barbarity involving a tangled web of gangland but gardai are confident of the chain of events now,” a senior source told the

“More has been discovered about this case in the last three days than what showed up in the three weeks previously. It is amazing really.”

It has emerged that the murdered duo had “lost money and drugs” belonging to a number of dangerous Dublin gangs in the months before their sinister disappearance which led to them being considered “disposable”.

While the investigation was focused on the fact that they were in Cavan to collect a drugs debt owed to their own gang, gardai now believe that this was a ruse to have the two pals murdered by their own mob.


It is now believed that one of these criminals - a male foreign national - was involved in bringing the bodies of the murdered men in a boat to the small island on Lough Shelin where their badly decomposed remains were discovered after a local fisherman noticed a foul smell.

Gardai are working on the theory that this dangerous thug, who is involved in drug dealing and pipe bomb making, had a €30,000 debt he owed to the Dublin crimelord “wiped clean” if he took part in the disposal of the bodies of O’Connor and Keegan, last seen alive on April 22.

A senior source pointed out: “Those unfortunate lads thought they were going up to collect a drugs debt in Co Cavan - they were already in a lot of bother over stuff they had lost.


“But it had already been decided that they would be murdered before they ever got to Cavan - the leader of their gang decided they had to be made an example of despite how close he was to them.

“This was a planned murder and those fellas were sacrificial lambs - the leader of their gang 
decided that they were disposable and that their murders would placate other criminals in Dublin whose drugs and money they had lost.”

Close associates of the gang boss - a notorious tiger kidnapper - were previously beaten up by murdered Real IRA terror chief Alan Ryan just weeks before Ryan was shot dead in September, 2012.