Thursday 23 November 2017

Murder suspect naked, except for a bullet-proof vest, in candle-lit room

WHEN armed gardai entered the home of the main suspect in the Marioara Rostas murder, they were shocked to find him naked in bed except for a bullet-proof vest. Bizarrely, there were some 20 candles burning in the room at the time of the raid.

The 30-year-old chief suspect is considered to be one of the most feared gangsters in the capital. The psychotic criminal only got his first conviction recently but he is facing serious gang-related charges and is on remand in Cloverhill Prison.

He has close links to gangland's most prolific serial killer, Eric 'Lucky' Wilson, from Ballyfermot, who is serving a 23-year sentence in Spain for a pub gun murder.


A source said: "This maniac is one of the most dangerous criminals in the country. Certain information indicates that he saw the devil in her eyes which caused him to freak out and shoot her.

"Despite being an absolutely evil individual, he has some kind of strange religious beliefs and is very afraid of the devil."

Gardai are now confident that they will be able to move in on this individual and bring about a successful prosecution.

Since gardai discovered the remains of tragic Marioara, the gangster has been placed on suicide watch in the Dublin jail where he is being held. According to insiders,he took the news of Marioara's discovery "very badly".

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