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Murder gang disown 'Fishy' in tout claim

A major gangster nicknamed 'Fishy' - who is suspected of organising a spate of lucrative cash-in-transit robberies - has been booted out of his own mob and was even given a severe beating by an up-and-coming thug.

Sources have revealed that 'Fishy' has fallen out of favour with the gang and has been accused of being a "garda tout" after serious criminal charges against him were dropped.

He is now isolated from the rest of the mob and is spending his days hiding out in terror after becoming a target for younger gangsters who once looked up to him.

The situation was made even worse when he was knocked unconscious by a dangerous 23-year-old criminal who was a close associate of murdered Finglas man David Thomas (43), who was shot dead outside a pub in 2009.

Since being beaten-up, 'Fishy' has rarely ventured outside his Finglas home and despite being considered a major player in cash-in-transit robberies in Dublin between 2011 and last year, the once feared criminal is said to be "flat broke".


"It is some turn around for Fishy, but people are labelling him a rat and now he won't even leave his house. He is paranoid that people think that he is talking to gardai.

"Despite all the robberies that he was involved in, he seems to be on skid row now and has no cash left.

"Major criminals in the Finglas area that he would have previously considered his allies have now deserted him and he really would need to watch his back because these lads have been involved in murders of their enemies in the past," a source explained.

The gang who have turned their back on 'Fishy' are suspected of two gangland gun murders.

These are the execution of of Karl Wynne at St Dominic's Shopping Centre in Tallaght in May of last year and the fatal shooting of drug dealer Paul Cullen in a Cabra pub in 2013.

Senior members of the mob are facing separate charges in relation to a series of other terrifying incidents in Finglas and Cabra.

Sources say that 'Fishy', who is suspected of organising the theft of hundreds of thousands euro, is now living in fear.