Monday 15 October 2018

Mum's wait to bring home son who died in honeymoon tragedy

Andrew Roddy and wife Gill Campion were on honeymoon in the Maldives when tragedy struck.
Andrew Roddy and wife Gill Campion were on honeymoon in the Maldives when tragedy struck.

The heartbroken mother of a Dublin man who died while snorkelling with his wife on their honeymoon in the Maldives may have to wait until next week before his body is returned home.

Andrew Roddy, who had just turned 30, died in tragic and unknown circumstances on Tuesday while enjoying the dream holiday with his wife, Gill Campion.

It is now likely that his mother, Marion, who lives in Killester, will have to wait until next week before she can organise his funeral.

"He's such a long way away and Gill's father and sister are with her now, but it could be days before they can bring him home," family friend Mary King said.

Ms King said she cannot understand how Andrew, who was Marion's only child, died.


"I really don't know what happened, and I want to know," she said.

"Andrew was very fit and he was a strong swimmer. I don't know if he had a heart attack or something, but he has no history of any heart trouble.

"Maybe he was stung by a jellyfish or something. I will have to wait for the post-mortem to find out."

Ms King said initial test results in the Maldives following the death proved inconclusive.

"There will be a handover of information between the authorities in the Maldives and in Ireland, but it's just vital for Marion that she finds out what happened to her son," she said.

Staff at Mr Roddy's former secondary school are said to be shocked at his sudden death.

He attended St Paul's College in Raheny, where his interests in business and accounting were encouraged by teacher Jennifer Cummins.


"Andrew was a star pupil, and I will always remember his smiling face," she told the Herald.

"He was a lovely boy and the school is in shock since learning about what happened.

"We were reading about it in the staff room on Thursday after the news broke and none of us can believe it. Our hearts are broken.

"When you see his smile in his wedding photographs it is the same smile he had when he was in school.

"After 12 years you don't remember every pupil, but I will always remember Andrew. He was a bright kid. My heart is broken.

"Our deepest condolences go out to his family. We just can't believe it."

Mr Roddy's wife is from Portmarnock. She and he met while they were working at the New Ireland Assurance Group.

They were married two weeks ago, and he had sent photo and updates of their honeymoon time back to his mother.

Ms Campion told her that while they were swimming in the sea she turned back and could not see him.

"I turned around and Andrew was gone," she said.

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