Tuesday 22 January 2019

Mum's plea to help brave dad fighting cancer battle abroad

Conan Kelly was working in Germany – away from three-year-old daughter Sophie when he was diagnosed
Conan Kelly was working in Germany – away from three-year-old daughter Sophie when he was diagnosed

A brave Dublin dad stricken by cancer is facing a life-saving operation in Germany - more than 1,000 kilometres away from his treasured daughter.

Conan Kelly was diagnosed with stage four oesophageal cancer while he was working away from three-year-old daughter Sophie and his mother Mairead.

The 29-year old moved to Munich in order to provide for his little girl after he was let go from his previous job.

In June, the communications engineer from Clondalkin in Dublin was diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of the cancer, which is extremely rare for someone so young.


Due to a series of delays in diagnosing the disease, he lost valuable time in his tough battle. Conan also faces fears of running out of money to continue his fight, his mum claims.

He is facing medical insurance problems as his policy only covers him for €100,000 for 12 months of treatment in Germany.

Mairead will do anything for her adored only son in order to give him every chance at extending his life and the time he can spend with Sophie.

Conan started to feel unwell early last year and was absent from work for five months.

"My son kept trying to work, but obviously he was missing days and turning up late for work, prior to being diagnosed correctly," said Mairead. "Then he lost his job just weeks before his true diagnosis."

Conan was subsequently offered work in Munich and he grasped it with both hands, but he had to leave his treasured daughter behind.

His health kept deteriorating and eventually further tests were carried out.

"Conan was out for a meal with his new work colleagues when he started to feel really unwell," said Mairead.

"Almost immediately he started coughing up blood. He ended up in hospital Accident and Emergency."

German doctors carried out an endoscopy and discovered a tumour that was up to 10cm in diameter. The cancer had also spread to his lymph nodes.


On September 4 - Mairead's birthday - he will have vital surgery to remove the tumour.

"Conan said he doesn't want me to go out to him then but I just have to because he is my son and I don't want him to be alone. None of us do. He just can't be alone," she said.

Conan has since also been let go from his German job due to his health problems. He is staying in rented accommodation as his medical insurance will not cover him staying in hospital on a continual basis.

Mairead is aiming to raise €115,000 to fund Conan's treatment. Donations can be made at gofundme.com/help-conan- conquer-cancer.

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