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Mums make 69 complaints in Rotunda

PATIENTS at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin made 69 complaints in the first six months of last year.

Together, the complaints raised 89 issues relating to communication and information -- privacy was raised three times.

In 2011, the Rotunda received a total of 104 complaints, according to new figures.

These complaints raised a total of 160 issues.

A breakdown of the issues raised in 2011 showed 35 related to staff attitude and manner; 33 related to treatment and service delivery; 26 related to communication; 28 related to delays and waiting times; 20 related to clinical judgment; eight related to facilities and the buildings; and three related to hospital accommodation and food.


However, there were no complaints in relation to infection control or cancellations that year, according to the information supplied to the Herald under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Master of the Rotunda Hospital, Dr Sam Coulter-Smith, said: "Given the high level of activity within the hospital, the number of patient complaints is remarkably low.

"We do take all the complaints we receive very seriously, and there is a clear process in place for dealing with them.

"It is also important to remember that our 'Patient Experience Survey' shows very high levels of satisfaction, with 99.2pc of respondents satisfied with the service they received," he added.

Meanwhile, the hospital's next patient experience survey is set to be carried out in March or April of this year.

The last one was carried out in September last year.

For a two-week period, a survey was conducted in relation to patient experiences within the

hospital. A questionnaire was distributed to women on admission to the prenatal, postnatal or gynaecology wards and the women were asked to complete it prior to discharge.


There were 774 women discharged during that time-frame.

When invited to indicate whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement "I had confidence in the staff providing my care", 100pc chose either the "strongly agree" or "agree" options.

A total of 9,319 babies were born at the maternity hospital in 2011, which represented an increase of more than 500 on the previous year's figure.