Sunday 21 January 2018

Mums 'let sons get away with more than daughters'

Mothers are more critical of their daughters than their sons, a new survey reveals.

The findings show that mothers are nearly twice as likely to be critical of their daughters than their sons (21pc compared with 11.5pc).

And over a fifth (21.5pc) said they let their sons get away with more, compared with 17.8pc who said the same about their daughters.

More than one in four (26.9pc) said they loved their sons in a different way to their daughters. The poll of more than 2,500 mothers reveals that while half (50.6pc) think it is wrong to treat boys and girls differently, nearly nine in 10 (89.2pc) believe parents do so.

More than half (54.9pc) said they found it easiest to bond with their sons, according to the poll, conducted by parenting website Netmums.


Crissy Duff, a counsellor, warned that differences in parenting could have a long-lasting effect on girls. "Women in particular seem to carry the feelings of parental disapproval and negative typing into their adulthood," she said. "The experience of receiving more negative reinforcements for stepping out of line than their male counterparts can lead women to view themselves as more needing of censure.

"This could be why women are far more self-critical than men, who have a more happy-go-lucky attitude when it comes to making mistakes and moving past them."


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