Saturday 16 December 2017

Mums brawled on street outside their children's school

TWO mums have been branded "bad parents" after they brawled outside school gates following a public row over bullying claims by one of their children.

A District Court judge described the two women as liars and bad parents following their appearance in court over the row.

Mothers and former friends Vicky Kelly and Lyndsey Newman from Drogheda, were told by Judge John Lindsay that he had "grave doubts" they should be bringing up children.

A raging dispute between the neighbours erupted after one of Kelly's children claimed that Ms Newman's child had bullied her at school.

It was alleged that Kelly had "roared for a blade" and headbutted Ms Newman during the row in Laurence's Park, Drogheda on December 18, 2008.

But Judge John Lindsay dubbed the two rowing mums Vicky Kelly and Lyndsey Newman liars and bad parents.

He told Kelly, who was charged with assaulting Lyndsey Newman, that she was "insolent, cheeky and rude".

And he told both women: "Neither of you should be proud of what happened on that day. You are both parents and (your) children are influenced by you. If you keep on that way, then both of you will end up in jail because something serious will happen."

He added that he had "no doubt" that the former pals had "lied in the witness box".

Lyndsey Newman said she had been driving home from dropping her two children to school on the morning of the row, when Kelly flagged her down around 9.15am.

Kelly denied "roaring for a blade," and she said the row developed when Ms Newman got out of her car.


Vicky Kelly told the court that she had been friends with Ms Newman years ago. When she tried to speak to her about the alleged bullying, Ms Newman said: "Ah, they're only kids."

Kelly admitted hitting back but she added: "I was only six stone and anorexic. I hadn't the energy to fight back"

The court heard evidence by gardai of being called to Ms Newman's house where she was seen with slightly bleeding gums, and a slight 'bump' around her right eye.

Kelly, a lone parent who has since moved to another estate. Brookville, in Drogheda, was bound to peace for two years.

Both women told Judge Lindsay that the dispute between them was over, but he issued a warning to them both.

"If it is not over, then there will be consequences at some time in the future," he said.


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