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Mum-to-be's dash to hospital ends with birth by the roadside

A young mother has revealed how she gave birth on a roadside and feared for her new child's safety.

Chantelle Griffiths (22) said that she was "afraid" and "worried" for the baby boy's well-being during the roadside birth.

The young woman, from Tullow, Co Carlow, went into labour with baby Darryl on the evening of October 29 but the nearest hospital was 45 minutes away in Kilkenny.

"I was at home cleaning and running around after Cody (2), which I do everyday.

"I felt crippled and then I realised that I was going in to labour", she said.

Chantelle rang her mother, Gina, to drive her to St Luke's Hospital, Kilkenny.

However, halfway to the hospital Chantelle realised that the baby was coming and that they would not make it to St Luke's in time.

She instructed her mother to pull over in Paulstown, Co Kilkenny.


An ambulance was alerted but the dramatic events had already begun as Chantelle realised the baby was coming. Although she kept calm throughout, she later said that she was scared.

"I was worried... afraid for the baby. I don't really know how to describe it. I was nervous as well, in shock. I was a bit of everything," she said.

Thankfully, while her mother was aiding her with the contractions, paramedics arrived.

"Just before the baby came, the ambulance crew arrived and helped with the delivery."

After the ordeal, Chantelle's 15-year-old brother, Robert, rang her partner, Keith McHutcheon (32), to tell him the good news that he would be a father for a second time. Keith thought it was a joke when he was told where the baby had been born.

"My brother Robert rang Keith and told him that I had just given birth at the side of the road.

"At first, Keith thought he was messing, but eventually he realised that he was telling the truth. He couldn't believe it", she said.

The mother and child were brought to St Luke's Hospital, Kilkenny, where baby Darryl was kept under observation as a precaution for one week.

Although it was a frightening ordeal, Chantelle is just happy that her child is safe.

"The baby's fine now and we're doing really great," she said.