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Mum spat in garda's face after her arrest

Tara Brennan

A WOMAN who spat in a garda's face while he was driving a patrol car after she was arrested has been put on probation for a year.

Mother-of-one Tara Brennan (24) was being taken to a garda station after she was refused entry to her sister's home.

Blanchardstown District Court heard she was sitting in the back of the patrol car when she leaned forward and spat in the face of the driver, Gda Kevin Cooney. Judge David McHugh put her on a probation bond for 12 months.

Brennan, of Russell Square, Tallaght, pleaded guilty to assaulting Gda Cooney at St Ronan's Avenue in Clondalkin last January 4.

Previously, Gda Cooney said he was called to St Ronan's Avenue at around 9.30pm following reports of a public order incident.

He said Brennan had been refused entry to her sister's house.

The officer said Brennan was drunk and was shouting and roaring and was directed to leave the area.

When she failed to move on she was arrested.

Gda Cooney said that as he was driving the patrol car and taking her to the station, Brennan leaned forward and spat in his face.

The officer was uninjured in the assault.

The court heard Brennan had never been in trouble before.

She was unemployed and a probation report on her was positive. Judge McHugh followed the report's recommendations.