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Mum smashed glass in man's face in nightclub

A young mother who seriously assaulted a man in a nightclub has been told to "woman up" and apologise to her victim.

Maria Moroney (28) smashed a glass into the man's forehead leaving him with a permanent scar and temporary facial paralysis.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring suggested Moroney take the opportunity to apologise in court to Mark Boland (27), commenting: "In other quarters they might use the phrase 'man up' but this is a case where she should woman up."

Moroney made a tearful apology to Mr Boland and said she understands that he will be reminded of what she did every time he looks in the mirror.

Judge Ring adjourned the matter until May and indicated she will impose community service if Moroney is suitable. The victim told the court that he did not want her to go to jail.

Moroney, of Pembroke Cottages, Donnybrook, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assault causing serious harm at The Palace Nightclub, Camden Street, on October 23, 2011.

Garda Patrick Martin told prosecuting counsel Colm O'Briain that Mr Boland was standing beside the bar in the club when a friend of Moroney threw a drink over him. He responded by throwing his drink over the friend which caused Moroney to hit him in the face with a glass.

Security then stepped in and Mr Boland was brought to hospital. Moroney was found by gardai in the nightclub with a badly bleeding hand.

Mr Boland had a deep 6cm cut to his forehead. He couldn't move some of his facial muscles but they have now mostly recovered. He was left with a noticeable scar and a slight disfigurement to the area around his eye.


Moroney said in interview that she attacked Mr Boland because she thought he was going to hit her friend with his glass. She said that she had drank a lot on the night which was unusual for her.

Defence counsel Austin O'Briain said his client has no previous convictions and is a full-time mother to her ten-year-old child.

He added that she had entered an early guilty plea and had €2,000 in court as compensation.