Tuesday 11 December 2018

Mum shot on ghost estate in ex-lover's gun ambush

THE man who shot his ex-girlfriend before turning the gun on himself fooled her into meeting him in an isolated cul-de-sac of a ghost estate.

Robert Hartery (45) shot mum-of-two Sarah Regan (30) at least three times in the head while her car was parked at the Springvale housing estate, near her home in Cloonfad, Co Roscommon, on Friday night.

It's now emerged that Hartery had planned every detail of the murder-suicide -- and he travelled to Co Roscommon the week before.

He also borrowed a .22 rifle from a friend saying he needed it to go hunting and a car from his mother's care assistant.

A post-mortem conducted on the young mother found she died of severe head injuries sustained from the rifle.

It's now emerged that Sarah's former boyfriend Robert planned her brutal killing because he couldn't come to terms with their split some weeks earlier. The Herald understands that Sarah was unaware that she was meeting Hartery when she entered the Springvale estate - but that he had lured her there under false pretences.

Hartery and Sarah had lived together in a house in Grangemockler, Co Tipperary, around the corner from Robert's mother Kathleen's home for around a year. The house that they once shared on the Kilkenny-Tipperary border was yesterday abandoned and the windows were boarded up.

Sarah decided to move back to Cloonfad to help to take care of her father, who is suffering from ill health, some months ago. Robert went with her, and Sarah's two children from a previous relationship, Shannan (11) and Dylan (8).


The relationship turned sour some weeks ago and the couple split - forcing Robert to return to Grangemockler where he moved back into his mother's.

Hartery asked his mother's care assistant to give him a lift to Cloonfad under the belief that he was collecting some belongings from Sarah's house.

It's believed the father of three children from a previous relationship, had visited Roscommon to see Sarah the week before he murdered her, but she was not at home.

Hartery borrowed a .22 rifle from a friend saying he wanted it to go hunting.

However, when he arrived in Cloonfad he left the carer in a local pub, saying he was going to meet Sarah.

He went to Springvale - a ghost housing estate - where the young mum had arrived in her silver Volkswagen Passat car. He fired a number of shots while Sarah was still sitting in her car. He then drove down the road, parked the carer's car in front of Cloonfad national school and shot himself.

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