Wednesday 22 November 2017

Mum Marie loses 10 stone despite being surrounded by cakes

Marie Bohan (45) from Ballyduff Co. Wexford pictured with her son Darragh
Marie Bohan (45) from Ballyduff Co. Wexford picture
Pictured are Marie's before and after dresses

An Irish cake maker has said her life has been transformed after she lost an incredible 10 stone in weight.

Marie Bohan (45) has always battled with her weight and felt that her size contributed to depression as she was trapped in a "vicious cycle".

"When my son Darragh made his Holy Communion in May 2012, I was so uncomfortable in my dress and when I saw the pictures I cried because I hated them so much," she said.

"When your weight is piling on and you don't want to look in the mirror or even get in a picture, it all becomes a bit of a vicious cycle."

The photos finally pushed Marie to bite the bullet and join Weight Watchers.

"When I stood on the scales I was shocked to weigh in over 20 stone," she said.

Marie soon became absorbed by the programme's healthy eating plan and it had a knock on effect on her family. Husband Jim Bohan has also shifted weight.

"Together we've lost more than 16 stone between us," said Marie. "Now we go out and do things more than we did before."

The mum said that since surpassing her goal weight, people are baffled that she could accomplish this while working in a bakery.

"I make and decorate the cakes. People always say to me 'How did you lose it when you're working in a bakery?'" she said. "In fact, I eat lunch at the bakery and deli every day. I just know how to make healthy choices now."

One of the most positive things about her weight loss has been its impact on her son Darragh (11).

"Last year, my son came up to me and hugged me," Marie said. "He said: 'Mum, my arms can go all the way around you now and meet'. I didn't realise that I had been so big before that my child could not even hug me. It was such an emotional moment."

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