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Mum just can't bear to watch garda son Adam in boxing ring

OLYMPIC garda Adam Nolan got his first pair of boxing gloves from Santa, his mum has revealed.

The 25-year-old, who is being trained by Katie Taylor's father Pete, is a bit of 'dark horse' at the Games.

But he has already shown his mettle by beating Ecuador's Carlos Sanchez in his first bout.

But whatever the outcome, mum Ann won't be watching.

The Wexford mum said the past 18 months have been manic in the Nolan household.


"Ever since he won his first Irish title it has been bedlam," she said.

"It was always his dream to win a senior title. And then he won two senior titles. It has been a whirlwind."

The Bray-based garda was "born and reared" with boxing.

His father John was also a boxer, with Leinster titles under his belt, and his eldest brother Darren (30) boxed until he was 18.

"There was always boxing in our house, from the time they were three or four," Ann said.

"They even got boxing gloves from Santa."

A good representation from the clan will travel over the Irish Sea to cheer him on.

But mum Ann says that she refuses to watch.

"It is horrific. I don't know if every mum is the same.

"In that respect, I was delighted when P&G rang me as they are sponsors for the mums.

Sometimes the mums are forgotten about, but when push comes to shove we are the ones who pick up the pieces.

"Poor mum has to nurse him back to health.

"I would be the probably be the most frightened, the most sick person there."

His sister Leanne (21) and brother are successful hurlers and camogie players.

And Ann said she is full of pride that her son has made it as far as the Olympics.

"It is a brilliant moment for him," she said.

"Nobody has any idea how many times he had to fight to get this far."


Ann said the Olympics are just the start of a promising boxing career for her son.

"I'm just hopeful that whatever happens, win, lose or draw, my main thought in any of his fights is that he doesn't get hurt," she said.

For the first time in Olympic history, the mothers of athletes are being brought over to London 2012 by P&G under their Proud Sponsor of Mums campaign, through its brands, which include Pampers, Fairy, Pantene and Gillette.