Sunday 17 December 2017


Irish actress Sonya Macari is on baby-watch as she awaits her new arrival with her musician hubbie Colin Devlin.

But the 39-year-old has no intention of playing the part of the lady-in-waiting as she gears up to 
welcome her first baby next month.

The Diary can reveal how she hit the town in LA for the Jameson First Shot alongside A-list stars such as Uma Thurman and Kevin Spacey.

An international competition that gives three aspiring writers/directors their big break, the prize was the opportunity to direct Thurman in a trio of short films.

Also at the event, hosted by Spacey, was fellow Irish actress Victoria Smurfit alongside her hubbie Doug Baxter and Peter O'Meara.

It was also the House of Cards star's birthday on the same night and Sonya said they presented him with a cake.

"My waters didn't break so all in all, a fab night. So me and the sausage feet will be horizontal on the couch for the whole day," Sonya said.

She is booked into the famous Cedars Sinai hospital for next month as she prepares to give birth.

The former Tudors actress has been living in California for more than 10 years after moving over with her other half Colin.

They got married at a ceremony in the Dublin suburb of Rathgar back in October 2012.


Describing it as "the easiest pregnancy ever", she added, "we can't wait to be parents and we're not nervous at all".

"It was very much planned and we're ready. Even at the wedding, we knew we wanted kids soon afterwards and we're actually together 13 years, so the timing is perfect."

Her mum Clara will be flying out to LA to help her with the new arrival for a few weeks, but Sonya confirmed they'll have the baby christened in Ireland.

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