Wednesday 22 November 2017

Mum in coma after gas blast rocks her house

A MOTHER has been left in a coma after a massive gas explosion ripped through her home.

Maureen Doyle was in her home in the Riverdale Estate in Leixlip with her husband Gerry and adult daughter Ciara when the blast occurred just after midnight on Friday night.

Distraught Gerry Doyle told the Herald that Maureen is in an induced coma.

The explosion was so strong that it cracked the wall between the Doyle's home and their next-door-neighbour's.

"We don't know what happened exactly, and we have a lot on our plates now at the moment. Maureen is in an induced coma and in a serious condition," said Mr Doyle.

Several investigations are under way to determine how the gas blast happened in the Doyle house -- which had no actual gas supply to it.

Those investigations currently centre on a smell of gas being reported in the area in the hours before the explosion, and work that was carried out by gas crews to repair that fault.

There had been earlier disruption to the electricity supply on the street, and ESB crews had been called out twice to deal with power outages.

As a result the residents were using candles to illuminate their homes, and it is believed Mrs Doyle was injured when she opened her bedroom door with a candle in her hand, causing the gas build-up to ignite.

Neighbour Sam Grumley said: "After we went to bed I heard a kind of bang, and the next thing my daughter, who lives up the street, was here shouting at us all to get out because Maureen's house had exploded."

Both the Doyle house and their next-door neighbour's house have been evacuated since the blast and are under guard by a security company.

Bord Gais said in a statement that it is co-operating with the authorities and emergency services to assist in establishing the cause of the incident.


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