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Mum fighting for her life after hit-and-run horror outside home


Siobhan Geraghty had to have the front of her skull removed after she was hit by a car

Siobhan Geraghty had to have the front of her skull removed after she was hit by a car

Siobhan Geraghty had to have the front of her skull removed after she was hit by a car

A Dublin mum and teacher is fighting for her life after being seriously injured in a suspected hit-and-run.

A taxi dropped Siobhan Geraghty (35) home at around 3.40am on Sunday.

But she never made it to her door - and it's believed she was hit by a car that failed to stop, leaving her critically injured on the side of the road.

"From what the gardai told us they think Siobhan was dropped off by a taxi, but not long afterwards neighbours heard a bang and a screech of wheels," her brother Senan told the Herald.


"When they looked out the car was gone and Siobhan was lying on the road."

The Blanchardstown teacher was rushed from the Lohunda Dale estate in Clonsilla, Dublin to Connolly Hospital. She was later transferred to Beaumont Hospital where her condition is described as critical.

"Siobhan has had surgery to reduce the swelling and pressure on her brain, and the doctors said the first 48 hours were critical," Siobhan's brother said.

"She had three separate injuries to her head and the one causing the most concern was at the back of her skull. That bang caused her brain to be pushed forward.

"Doctors have had to remove the front of her skull to reduce the pressure on the frontal lobes of her brain.

"The surgery is very complex, and involved sewing the piece of removed skull into her abdomen to protect it and keep it alive while the swelling on her brain goes down.

"It's hard to look at her now, but she's in the best place she can be. If the doctors didn't operate her injuries could have been fatal," he added.

Senan said Siobhan's 17-year-old son David was distraught, as were her parents Liam and Margaret, and brother Sean.

"They (medics) say they will perform some scans tomorrow and they will maybe know more at that stage, but she is critical at the moment.

"We are appealing for the driver of the car to come forward, or for anyone who knows anything about what happened to Siobhan.

"This may have been an accident and the driver panicked, but we need that driver to come forward," he added.

"There was no lamp glass or anything on the road where Siobhan was found, but the gardai know the chances are she was run over by a car because her phone and belongings were scattered across the road and an aerosol can in her bag had been squashed flat," he said.

Gardai are anxious to trace the taxi driver to see if he witnessed anything.

"Siobhan is a teacher and she had been out with colleagues and friends at the Black Door on Harcourt Street and she and a friend had got a taxi together," said Senan.

"At some stage on the journey they stopped at an ATM before the taxi dropped Siobhan's friend off at her house and then drove to Lohunda.


"The gardai are trying to find CCTV images from Harcourt Street and the ATM location to see if they can gain any information from them," he added.

"She's a fairly fit lady, and ran the Dublin marathon a few years ago. She's also a mad Dubs fan and herself and David go to nearly all their games," her brother said.

"Our main concern now is Siobhan. She could have a long road ahead of her, but we hope she recovers. We have put all our faith in the consultants at Beaumont," he added.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Blanchardstown Garda Station on 01 6667000, the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666111 or any Garda Station.