Tuesday 28 January 2020

Mum and six kids forced to sleep in garda station given beds by a charity

Mother-of-seven Margaret Cash with baby Andy
Mother-of-seven Margaret Cash with baby Andy

The homeless mum-of-seven who was forced to sleep in a garda station with her children will be accommodated by a homeless charity until she's provided with a home.

Margaret Cash (28) made headlines last week after she posted photos of six of her kids sleeping overnight on chairs in Tallaght Garda Station.

The family has since been given temporary accommodation by Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) until today. However, it had been unclear what would happen next.


The Herald can now reveal that the charity will continue to take care of Ms Cash and her seven children.

However, this will only be a temporary measure, as ICHH continues to urge the Dublin Region Homeless Executive to find the family suitable accommodation.

ICHH volunteer chief executive Anthony Flynn said that the family has been accommodated at serious cost to ICHH, and will continue to do so until the council opens "realistic" lines of engagement.

"We will continue to accommodate until the council sources appropriate alternative accommodation," Mr Flynn said.

"This is, however, an unsustainable intervention due to costs of accommodation."

Since the homeless mother's picture went viral, she has been subjected to hundreds of abusive messages on social media.

Many internet trolls demanded information about the children's father, but according to Ms Cash: "He's not relevant."

Speaking to the Sunday World, she said: "He's not on the scene. I separated from him last year."

The 28-year-old's former long-term partner, John McCarthy, was remanded in the custody of Cloverhill Prison on July 25.

He is facing charges of assault at Westmoreland Street on June 24, engaging in threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour and possession of an offensive weapon, involving a sharpened tent spike.

Meanwhile, Ms Cash said she doesn't care about those questioning her motives for sharing the pictures of her children asleep in the garda station.

"I never done this to get famous," she said.

"They can say whatever they like. I never asked anyone to like me or hate me."

She said that the family has been homeless since September of last year.

They had been living in a rented home in Tallaght, but had to leave because the lease wasn't renewed.

Ms Cash told how she had now placed her Facebook account on private after coming under sustained criticism on the social media site from trolls.

Meanwhile, she said that she didn't expect ICHH or Focus Ireland to be paying for them.

"This is the council's worry. It's them that should be housing us and all the other people who are homeless," she said.

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