Thursday 18 January 2018

Mrs Brown video gives thumbs-up for Yes vote in poll


The nation's favourite matriarch, Agnes Brown, has joined the Yes campaign in the lead-up to the Marriage Equality Referendum.

In an online video, Agnes Brown, played by actor Brendan O'Carroll, urges viewers to vote for marriage equality on May 22.

The video has been viewed close to 20,000 times since it was uploaded yesterday.

"Nothing beats the joy and contentment I feel knowing that my son Rory has just as much opportunity for happiness as everybody else's son," Agnes says. "And that's all I ask for him, the opportunity.

"When two people love each other, you should allow them to get married. What's all the f**kng fuss?"

Comedian O'Carroll likens the current opposition to gay marriage to past hostility towards inter-racial marriages.


Agnes asks if people will look back years from now on this moment with "jolly disbelief at a time when people of the same sex could not marry?"

Mrs Brown notes there was once a time when Catholics could not marry Protestants and a time when women were not allowed to vote.

Rory Cowan launched the video at the Yes Equality shop in St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, where he said: "Attitudes towards homosexuality have changed so much in Ireland.

"When I was a young man, gay men didn't hold hands in public and that has changed completely.

"I hope people will vote Yes in this coming referendum. Gay people don't want to change marriage, we just want to avail of it. We are a fabulous country and think we are ready for this."

O'Carroll wrote the script for the short film which was produced by Treasure Entertainment and funded by Caroline Downey of MCD.

Filmed in Glasgow during Mrs Brown's tour of the UK, the extended cast of Mrs Brown's Boys helped shoot the piece.

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