Friday 22 March 2019

Mr Flashy and rivals put gangland feud on hold after Car park face-off

A safe house in Finglas linked to the ‘Mr Flashy’ mob which was
petrol-bombed and shot last year
A safe house in Finglas linked to the ‘Mr Flashy’ mob which was petrol-bombed and shot last year

A bitter northside feud has been put on hold after the warring factions held a face-off in a supermarket car park - because their jailed gang bosses have decided the ongoing hostilities were bad for business.

The warfare has already seen a number of attempted murders, arson attacks and shootings, but miraculously no killings.

The bizarre meeting happened on Sunday evening in the car park in Finglas, as four junior members of each faction showed up, while more senior gangsters scouted around the perimeter.


The trusted representatives were from the rival Finglas West and Finglas South mobs.

"These gangs have decided that the feud is bad for business because of all the attention from gardai, so they had this meeting," a source said.

"It seems a big cocaine bust last week was the final straw. They want the cops to back off and making peace is the best way to achieve this.

"They figure that all the garda checkpoints will end if the feud is seen to be over."

Despite the fact that a face-to-face meeting has taken place, gardai fear that will ultimately lead to a "double-cross" that could result in multiple murders, a source said last night.

Among the participants in Sunday's meeting was a drug dealer nicknamed 'Mr Flashy', who has been disowned by his former allies in the Kinahan cartel because of the Finglas feud.

Also present was the younger brother of a jailed armed robber who is a key member of the rival faction, and an associate of his who is out on bail because of feud-related activity.

Glen O’Toole
Glen O’Toole

"It was some sight - these fellas meeting up. They met in the car park because they would not feel safe doing it in a house or pub for fear of being shot dead," a source said.

"Four on four - all hooded up - standing across from each other with their arms folded. Then you had the more senior lads scouting around.

"Everyone thought it was going to kick off but both crews went their separate ways after about five minutes and there was no incidents.

"So this seems to be a truce, but anyone who knows the b*****ds that run these gangs knows that it will kick off again as soon as the gardai stop with all the heat."


Officers have had some success in jailing many of the main players and increased armed patrols in the area but this has dropped off in recent days.

Sources say the suburb is still "consumed by fear" after a spate of terrifying attacks and has a "general distrust of gardai".

Armed garda patrols have increased in the area ever since Hutch gang-linked criminal Glen O'Toole (39) was arrested in the Ashtown area while on his way to murder Mr Flashy last October.

O'Toole was arrested with a loaded firearm, a silencer, a canister of petrol and a Halloween mask by Finglas gardai.

He was charged in relation to the arrest but died by suicide in prison a week later.

It is understood he had been threatened by the Kinahan cartel-linked drugs mob before he took his own life.

Just days after O'Toole's arrest, Mr Flashy's gang was suspected of shooting up the home of an innocent member of the Hutch family in a revenge attack.


Mr Flashy's mob is also suspected of beating up another innocent Hutch family member in a daylight attack in a supermarket car park.

In the aftermath of this incident, a teenage Hutch family member fled the Finglas area and went into hiding because of threats against him.

In a revenge attack, a safe house in Finglas linked to Mr Flashy was shot at and then petrol-bombed over a local feud.

Investigations by gardai into this arson attack later gave them key information about the gang.

This included a drugs "tick list", a list of names of drug customers and how much they owe, and a bizarre set of rules for the safe house.

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