Saturday 22 September 2018

Mountjoy prison officers injured in brush handle attack by inmates

Two prison officers have been attacked in Mountjoy Prison by inmates armed with a brush handle.

The incident happened yesterday morning on the 'A' landing as the officers were clearing it to get prisoners to their workshops, prison jobs and recreation areas.

Sources said it was a "totally unprovoked attack".

One of the prison officers sustained head injuries in the attack, while the second man received injuries to his hand and shoulder.

Witnesses said one officer was first hit with the brush by one prisoner, and the second officer was hit on the head by the second inmate.


Both officers were brought to the nearby Mater Hospital where they were treated for their injuries.

It is understood one of the attackers has now been transferred to the punishment wing of the jail while an investigation into the attack gets underway.

A representative from the Irish Prison Service said that the incident happened at 10.30am yesterday.

"A prisoner attempted to strike an officer with a brush handle. He was restrained by staff and removed from the landing.

"While staff were removing the prisoner another prisoner threw the head of the brush in their direction striking an officer on the head," they told the Herald.

"One officer received treatment for an arm injury and the second officer received treatment for an injury to his head and shoulder."

Sources said that prison officers are increasingly worried about their own safety.

"This is another example of the breakdown in law and order that is across the entire prison estate presently, where the most ordinary of requests is met with violence," said a spokesman for the Prison Officers' Association.

"We will be looking for a meeting with the Director General of the Irish Prison Service to address the growing scale of violence in our prisons," the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, a notorious murderer who knocked a female nurse unconscious in a prison attack this week has also been moved to the punishment wing in Mountjoy for a 40-day period.

Jeffrey Dumbrell (35)launched the unprovoked attack in Dublin's Wheatfield Prison on Tuesday as the young nurse was tending to prisoners.

He punched her in the face so hard that she lost consciousness. She was immediately rushed to hospital where she received treatment for her injuries, according to witnesses.

The nurse was in a cell when the attack occurred.

Several prison officers were also in the cell when the assault took place, and officials are investigating how the dangerous killer managed to launch the unprovoked attack on the nurse, despite warders being present.

According to security sources, Dumbrell has now been moved to Mountjoy where he will spend 40 days in Cell 2 in the challenging behaviour unit, also known as the punishment wing.

There, he will have privileges removed and be under closer scrutiny from prison staff.

He is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Christopher Cawley (33) on October 29, 2006.


Dumbrell has racked up dozens of disciplinary reports since his incarceration and a source described him as extremely dangerous.

"He is in trouble time and time again for incidents ranging from assault to damaging prison property," said a source.

Separately Ireland's most dangerous inmate Leon Wright launched another vicious attack on prison officers this week.

Wright attacked staff inside Portlaoise Prison in Laois on Wednesday.

It took four staff in riot gear 20 minutes to put him back in his cell after the attack.

After the incident, Wright (26) then complained that the specially trained staff in the segregation unit where he is being held are not showing him respect.

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