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Mountjoy gets 55 PlayStations for bored lags

SOME of the country’s most infamous prisoners are entertaining themselves with 55 PlayStation games behind bars in a Dublin jail.

The Irish Prison Service (IPS) confirmed a taxpayer-funded splurge on a whole range of sports equipment for the prison population that includes murderers, gangland bosses, fraudsters and robbers.

In response to a Freedom of Information request, the Department of Justice has confirmed that prisoners at the country’s best-known prison, Dublin’s Mountjoy own a total of 55 PlayStation consoles.

However, PlayStation-loving inmates across the prison system are about to be given more reason to tear themselves away from the virtual goings on of Grand Theft Auto and play a whole range of sports.

In a detailed tender, the IPS is seeking firms to supply a range of sports goods over three years.

It is seeking the supply of basketball posts/nets and balls along with volleyball posts/nets and balls.

The spend by the IPS on the sports equipment is part of the approximate €65,000 it costs per prisoner per year.

Inmates who enjoy a spot of badminton will be happy to see that the IPS is requesting the supply of badminton posts/nets along with shuttles and rackets.

Those tennis-playing members of the 4,031-strong prison population will also be glad to see that those who enjoy indoor tennis are to be catered for with indoor net stands, mini-tennis rackets and tennis balls forming part of the tender.

Many of those behind bars today are in jail for using their fists during the course of assaults, and the tender will also satisfy boxing enthusiasts.

This follows the IPS ordering a punch bag, boxing mitts and focus pads with skipping ropes also on order.