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More water woe as main city pipe bursts


PROBLEM: Burst pipe

PROBLEM: Burst pipe

PROBLEM: Burst pipe

DUBLIN'S water crisis has severely worsened this weekend after one of the city's main pipes suffered a burst.

City Council engineers discovered a break on a "large distribution main" – leading to fears that disruption to the water supply in the capital may last for several weeks.

Dubliners are already facing into weeks of water cuts due to leaking pipes and a harmless algae.

But the burst pipe – which is affecting the supply to the Malahide area – will heap even more demand on an already creaking system.

A tanker has been temporarily deployed at Donnycarney Church on the Malahide Road to provide water to families affected over the bank holiday weekend.



In an email to city politicians, the council said that damage to the pipe was caused by a "third party".

"Repair works have commenced and efforts such as redistributing water are being made to minimise disruption as far as is possible.

"A water tanker will be located at Donnycarney Church at the junction of the Malahide Road and Collins Ave East. The water tanker may need to leave this location for a short period to refill," the council said.

Meanwhile, as revealed by the Herald yesterday, officials fear that the wider water crisis could take three weeks to resolve.

The water cuts – which emerged on Friday – are affecting areas on the Northside, especially parts of Coolock village, Killester, Donnycarney and Harmonstown this weekend.

Dublin City Council has apologised for the disruption and said that repair works are taking place over the bank holiday.

Thousands of homeowners face being cut off from the water system for up to nine hours per day.

Already, the council has announced pressure to homes will be dramatically reduced between 10pm and 7am every night until at least Tuesday.

In some cases this will leave homes without any water at all during those hours.

City engineer Michael Phillips said that the council is hoping to conserve a lot of water over the weekend.