Friday 13 December 2019

More than half of students miss class to work for extra cash

Students mix class with work
Students mix class with work

More than half of students report skipping lectures to go to work, with young academics paying an average of €318-a -month in rent.

Some 15pc of students said they would cut down on food to afford living costs and 11pc admitted avoiding medical check-ups.

The number of students missing lectures to earn money rose by a massive 33pc - compared to the 22pc figure in 2017.

Now, some 55pc said they missed college and university to work as they paid their way through education.

Irish League of Credit Unions spokesman Paul Bailey said: "The realities of the impact of financial pressure on our third-level students is apparent in this survey. It's of concern to see finance and debt is such a significant worry.

"At a time when they should be focusing on their education, it's worrying to see that greater numbers are skipping lectures and sacrificing time spent on their education in order to earn some extra money."

Six out of 10 said having to work had a negative impact on their studies. Of these, three-quarters said they had to work and seven in 10 were working part-time.

A total of 14pc worked full-time and 15pc worked irregular hours. On average, students were working almost 15 hours a week and earning over €10 an hour, according to the iReach survey.

Students who lived outside the family home were spending €1,047 per month while those at home spent €738.

The study said finance and debt issues were a student's biggest worry, with 57pc admitting having no budget or financial plan.

Those surveyed said their biggest monthly expense was rent at an average of €318-a-month, followed by food at €116. Students spent €88 on average each month on travel and €74 on utility bills.

Some 40pc admitted cutting spending on social activities and 18pc reported sacrificing buying clothes.

The majority (58pc) reported financial or debt-related worries. Of these, four in 10 split their time between paid work and lectures and had no time for anything else.

A total of 22pc reported having no money for anything outside class.

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