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More than 10 IRA abusers in South - Cahill


Mairia Cahill

Mairia Cahill

Mairia Cahill

THE number of sex abusers exiled from the North by members of the IRA is "well into double figures", rape victim Mairia Cahill has claimed.

The Belfast woman told the Herald she has been personally contacted by further abuse victims in the past few days who she says are in "absolute turmoil" over their ordeal.

Her remarks came as it emerged that Taoiseach Enda Kenny has also been contacted by an individual alleging abuse in the republican movement.

Mr Kenny's spokesman last night confirmed that one piece of correspondence has been received by his office.

The issues of IRA sex abuse, the staging of kangaroo courts and the movement of perpetrators to the Republic are due to be discussed in a lengthy Dail debate today.

Ms Cahill yesterday spoke with Tanaiste Joan Burton and members of the Labour Parliamentary Party about her ordeal, which was publicised on the BBC Spotlight programme.

Significantly, she told the Herald that some abuse victims who contacted her are too "petrified" to go public because of her own vilification at the hands of Sinn Fein figures.

Ms Cahill has been subjected to relentless abuse on social media by Sinn Fein figures since she spoke about her rape by an alleged IRA member.

She said she has gathered information that indicates the number of IRA sex abusers who have been moved from the North is much higher than previously thought.

"I can tell you that the information I have is that perpetrators are well into double figures, and that means it is a hugely significant issue, north and south," Ms Cahill said last night.

"People have no idea who they are living beside because there are no child protective procedures in place. Victims couldn't achieve justice because the IRA moved perpetrators around this country to subvert justice. And that means children are at risk - right now.

"Sinn Fein conducted an internal review into this matter. They know this information and I am again calling on them to meet the relevant authorities, north and south, and bring this information forward."

Ms Cahill claims that SF must admit her experience at the hands of a kangaroo court "if they have any ounce of decency".


"Sinn Fein have an opportunity to do the right thing tomorrow by admitting my experience," she said. "I don't hold out much hope that they will, but if they have an ounce of human decency about them left, that is what they should do.

"Up until now they have behaved as if they are the victims in all of this. Let's be very clear about this: the only victims in this sorry saga are those who have been abused."

Fianna Fail leader Mich-eal Martin is set to propose a two-module Commission of Investigation into IRA sex abuse claims during today's debate.