Wednesday 16 January 2019

More help for Dubliners as new bus info boards go up

DUBLIN is set for more real-time bus information screens -- following a delay caused by the recent State visits.

Up to 60 more screens will light up in the next two to three weeks, bringing the total number of signs to 139, the National Transport Agency (NTA) said.

The new batch of signs will be erected mostly in the Dublin City Council area, where there is the highest density of the bus service and passengers.

Some 79 signs are already operational in the city, and a total of 450 signs will be installed on a phased basis throughout the year.

A spokesperson for the NTA, which is responsible for rolling out the screens, said more signs will be erected if the budget allows.

"If, following the rollout, a further need for signs is identified and the budget is available, the authority would like to erect more signs particularly along Quality Bus Corridors and at public transport interchange points.

"There are 450 signs are planned for the Greater Dublin area and 50 signs for Cork on a phased basis during 2011. The plan is to expand the system to Waterford, Galway and Limerick in the future," the spokesperson said.

Dublin Bus are now evaluating the scheme by calculating if there has an increase in passenger numbers since the scheme started in February.

"The NTA have asked Dublin Bus to measure passenger numbers in the areas the signs have been installed, following six month of operation of the system.


"However it may be difficult to isolate passenger numbers associated with individual stops, as Dublin Bus works on stages, and the effects of network changes may also impact on passenger numbers."

The signs already installed are located within the Dublin City Council Area, and the NTA says it intends to post a map of the signs on its website.

"Web and text messaging services are scheduled to be available in 2011. Over 80pc of people giving feedback on the information website Transport for Ireland said the service was helpful or very helpful.

"Real Time Passenger Information reduces stress associated with waiting times and reliability, and lets people make informed decisions about their time and transport options."

More signs will be deployed in the outer Dublin Council areas in the coming months.

"It's an ongoing roll-out during the live testing phase. Signs will be installed across the Greater Dublin Area at busy points, service intersections, and at key destinations."

The spokesman added: "We will also launch an App and a text service -- again, covering all 5,000 signs in the region. In the autumn, we will commence rolling the service out in Cork. In early 2012, we will commence rolling out the system in Limerick, Galway and Waterford."


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