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Mooney in hunt for Hidden Heroes from deaf world

Derek Mooney is on a search for heroes from the deaf community.

The RTE broadcaster says too many celebrities get awards for no reason when there are hidden heroes everywhere.

He is supporting Hidden Hearing, in partnership with the Irish Deaf Society, which wants nominations for people with hearing impairments for the 2012 Heroes Awards.

"Recognising anyone who does something good in the community is important. So many actors and musicians and politicians get honorary doctorates for doing nothing. These kind of awards mean so much to the unsung heroes," said Derek.


Speaking at the launch, Hidden Hearing managing director Stephen Leddy said "There are many people in the deaf and hard of hearing communities who are living proof that being deaf or hard of hearing does not have to hold you back in life."

He described how the awards can bring people who have lost their hearing out of their shell and show them that they can still do great things.

"They are important in recognising people, deaf and hard of hearing, who do fantastic work which normally goes unacknowledged."