Tuesday 12 December 2017

Monster fish shows shark who's ocean boss

THERE'S something fishy going on in the ocean depths.

Normally it's the sleek grey shark that inspires fear in fish and man alike as its scours the waters for fresh prey.

But now one seems to have bitten off more than he can chew - and the hunter becomes the hunted to a monstrous fish. In fact, the creepy-looking predator munching on an unfortunate shark is a cannibal shark.

He's a very rare, tasselled 4-foot-long wobbegong shark - and the victim is a 3.2-foot-long brown-banded bamboo shark.

Shark cannibalism is rare, and the wobbegong shark is thought to prey upon invertebrates and small demersal fish, but it has a jaw full of sharp inverted fangs that can grasp large prey before swallowing them whole.

The action took place on the fringes of Great Keppel Island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.


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