Sunday 25 August 2019

Monk's brother is lucky to escape with his life as car shot up in botched double murder bid

Patsy Hutch was lucky to escape after a gunman opened fire on his car. Photo: Colin Keegan/Collins Dublin
Patsy Hutch was lucky to escape after a gunman opened fire on his car. Photo: Colin Keegan/Collins Dublin
Gary Hanley was fired on while travelling in a car
Patsy’s brother Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch

A brother of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch was lucky to escape with his life after the car he was travelling in was fired on at point-blank range.

Shocking new details of Thursday night's botched double murder attempt can today be revealed.

Senior sources say that Patrick 'Patsy' Hutch (57) and Gary Hanley (28) are "extremely lucky to be alive" after the Skoda car they were travelling in was sprayed with gunfire.

The duo were targeted shortly after 8.30pm on Thursday after being "lured" to a meeting in the Belclare Grove area of Ballymun.

Sources have revealed that a "nervous hitman" pumped five bullets into the car from just four feet away but failed to injure either man.

Both men have been targeted on numerous occasions by the Kinahan cartel and gardai are treating the shooting as part of the deadly Hutch/Kinahan warfare.

"This was a planned attack and it was only over the weekend that gardai got a clearer picture of what actually happened last Thursday night," a senior source said.


"This incident is being taken extremely seriously, but neither man has made a complaint to gardai," the source added.

The car that Hutch and Hanley were travelling in was attacked shortly after the men had left a meeting with another individual.

A window in the car was shattered and a number of bullet holes were discovered in the vehicle.

However, both Hanley and Hutch escaped from the car uninjured and are believed to have fled on foot.

The Skoda car was later found abandoned at nearby Belclare Terrace. No arrests have been made.

However, last night sources said gardai had "no doubt" that the gun attack was carried out by the Kinahan cartel which has attempted to murder both men in the past.

This was the third time that Hanley has escaped death since the deadly feud began and Patsy Hutch has also survived at least three attempts on his life.

They are not expected to be issued with fresh GIM forms, the garda document in which officers give formal notice that they are aware of a possible threat to a target's life or safety.

"Both these individuals know they were shot at, and both these individuals know that they are under threat from the cartel," a senior source said.

Patsy Hutch has been targeted a number of times as part of the Hutch/Kinahan feud and as a result has gardai posted outside his home around the clock.

Since Thursday night's gun attack, Hanley is said to be "lying low" amid fears of other murder bids.

In March, detectives foiled a suspected murder plot targeting Patsy after swooping on a number of men in the north inner city.

Several firearms were recovered during the operation, including a sub-machine gun which could have claimed multiple lives if it had been fired on the streets.

A number of people have been charged in relation to this incident and are currently before the Special Criminal Court.

Two more suspected hits were foiled in 2016 after gardai from the Crime and Security Section received intelligence of an imminent threat on Patsy Hutch's life.

Both incidents, just weeks apart, led to heavily armed gardai from the Emergency Response Unit flooding the north inner city where he lives.

One of the plots was "in the advanced stages", with a getaway car sourced and parked offside for the murder plot.

The hit team in this plot were identified, but no arrests were made and one of the would-be gunmen has since died.

Concerns have previously been raised among gardai that unarmed members are tasked with manning a protection post, despite the threat of an armed attack.

Sinister graffiti has also been daubed on walls close to Patsy Hutch's home, warning that the deadly dispute will not finish until he is dead.

However, despite the ongoing threats to his life, he has been spotted in public on several occasions, attending the funerals of his murdered relatives.

His brother Eddie (59), nephews Gareth (35) and Derek (27) and son Gary (35) have all been murdered as part of the Hutch/Kinahan feud which has claimed up to 19 lives so far.

Another son, Patrick Jnr (25), is currently before the Special Criminal Court in relation to the Regency Hotel murder in February 2016.

Last month, cocaine-snorting gunman Luke Wilson (23) was jailed for 11 years after he admitted to conspiring to murder drug dealer and Hutch gang associate Hanley between September 15 and November 6 last year.

Last November, as part of the massive undercover operation which led to Wilson being jailed, detectives saved Hanley's life when they arrested Wilson and three men suspected of being involved in an "active and imminent plot" to murder Hanley at his Marino home.

Three other Dublin men are due to be tried in the Special Criminal Court next October.

Over the past 18 months, Hanley has become one of the main targets for the Kinahan cartel because of his close links to many of the main players in the Hutch mob and the allegation that he "mouthed off" about the rival gang in the aftermath of the Regency Hotel bloodbath.

Before last Thursday's gun attack, the latest confirmed attempt on Hanley's life was foiled when gardai seized two weapons in west Dublin in March.

A convicted drug dealer and feared enforcer, Hanley first came to criminal prominence within the gang after being released from his latest jail sentence around two years ago.

This related to a four-year term he received in March, 2013, for possession of five bars of cannabis resin for sale or supply at the Alfie Byrne apartment complex on April 10, 2009.

Thugs with links to the Kinahan cartel are suspected of "amateur" attempts to burn out Hanley's car near his Marino home as well as a "heartless" attack on an innocent elderly north inner city man, who is well known to Hanley and who is suffering from cancer.

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