Sunday 19 November 2017

'Money and conditions better in Australia - why would I stay?'

Linda Doyle, from Clondalkin Picture: Tom Burke
Linda Doyle, from Clondalkin Picture: Tom Burke

Linda Doyle wants to stay and make a life for herself in the country where she was born, but the 24-year-old nurse fears staying in Ireland may not be an option.

Ms Doyle, from Clondalkin, west Dublin, said many of her friends have already left the country. While she wants to stay she knows nurses are treated better in other parts of the world.

Having qualified last year, she is one of the nurses who graduated between 2011 and 2015 who are not entitled to pay increments worth around €1,500-a-year.

"We are just sick of working in the conditions that we are in and not getting paid the right rate.

"There are new graduates just starting and we're going to have to take them under our wing and look after them, which is no problem, but they are on more money than us," she said.

"We protested about a year ago on our internship - to get our intern pay increased - so their year as an intern is recognised, whereas ours isn't," she said.


"They'll be getting paid more than us with less experience. It's frustrating.

Ms Doyle, who works for St Vincent's Psychiatric Hospital in Fairview, said she works 13-hour shifts. "For what we do, it's just not enough anymore," she added.

"From our class we have so many friends who are gone to Australia - one of the girls has gone to Canada recently enough. I'm young, I have no family, I have no ties here. We're getting job offers every day from different countries and there's nothing really stopping us going any more.

"I'd like to work here, I'd like to live here.

"I'd love to stay but there's nothing really keeping me here.

"The conditions are really bad. The pay is really bad. So, why wouldn't I move over to somewhere like Australia where the conditions are better, the pay is better, the lifestyle is better?" she said.

"I choose to live at home, because I can't afford to rent in Dublin, it's so expensive," she said adding it was no life for a young person.

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