Thursday 21 March 2019

Mondo's back in Fair City ... and he's still got a way with the ladies

RETURNING Fair City star George McMahon has revealed how he struggled with fame after landing a starring role in the RTE soap aged just 18.

Playing loveable rogue Mondo, he was one of the show's best known characters between 2003-2006.

But often his off-screen antics created as many headlines as his plot lines.

Looking back now, aged 29, he told the Herald: "I thought I could have a night out like any other 18-year-old. I didn't realise because I was in Fair City, it would attract all this attention and I'd get in trouble."

McMahon said that he is now older and wiser and won't let his return to Carrigstown change his life.

"I have a stage school in Celbridge now, the Performing Arts Academy. The parents remember me on Fair City but the kids I teach would have no idea.

There will be a lot of Sky+ going on this weekend around Kildare," he said in reference to his reappearance on the show. A decade after he started out in the show, Mondo rolls up outside the garage for an emotional reunion with his dad, Ray O'Connell.

And soon after he is up to his old tricks wrapped around local girl Kerrie-Ann Boyle (Jenny Dixon), despite having a partner, Kira Cassidy, and a daughter, Juliet back, in England.

"Kerrie-Ann thinks he is loaded because he has a nice suit and credit cards but as usual he's on the run with bailiffs chasing him," he said.

Although his character remains the same, George can see a big difference on Fair City since first time around.

"The sets are better made. The lighting, the writing, everything now matches the UK soaps but on a fraction of the budget," he said.

In the intervening years George has worked in theatre and TV, and starred in RTE's award-winning 'Stardust' drama which told the story of the 1981 Stardust Fire.

This Christmas, he will juggle his Fair City filming schedule with a role in Helix panto Sleeping Beauty which kicks off on November 29.


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