Saturday 18 November 2017

Molly Martens 'will plead not guilty to any murder charges'

The US lawyer representing Jason Corbett's wife, Molly Martens Corbett, has said that if charges of murder or manslaughter are brought against his client she will plead not guilty.

North Carolina police have confirmed that Ms Martens, together with her father, Thomas Martens, are 'persons of interest' in the investigation into Mr Corbett's murder.

David Freeman, attorney for Ms Martens, confirmed that pleading 'not guilty' seemed the only logical course of action for his client.

"If those charges were brought I would be hard pressed to see why she would do anything else," he told RTE's This Week programme yesterday.

Mr Freeman said that there is 'a lot of good law on our side to show that Molly should be the children's guardian.'

"Molly has been their Mom for eight years and to take them away during the night is callous," he said.

He said that the return of the children to Ireland was 'the coldest thing I've experienced in the 33 years that I've been practicing law.'

Meanwhile, the two children of Jason Corbett spent their first day back in on home ground yesterday, recovering from a gruelling 39-hour journey home from the US.

Jack (10) and Sarah (8), who lost their mother in 2006, were orphaned on August 2 when their father, Jason, died of head injuries at the family home in North Carolina.

Police have named his second wife, Molly Martens, and her father, Thomas, a former FBI agent, who were in the house when he died, as "persons of interest".

Jack and Sarah remained in the US at the centre of a custody battle between Tracey and David Lynch, whom Jason appointed as guardians, and their American stepmother, whom he refused to allow adopt the children.

Although the children are now in Ireland, the custody battle continues.

Molly Martens Corbett is appealing the judge's decision to dismiss her custody bid.

She shared a picture of the two children on her Facebook page yesterday together with the caption 'Wherever you are my love will find you.'

However, the case took another unpleasant turn with the Corbett family forced to deny allegations of alleged domestic abuse posted on Facebook by a cousin of Molly Martens.

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