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Model Nadia Forde by mum's bedside as she loses cancer fight


Nadia Forde

Nadia Forde

Nadia Forde

Model Nadia Forde was by her mother's bedside as she lost her fight with cancer over the weekend.

The reality star (25) and her brother Steven were with their mother, Berenice Paolozzi, when she died on Saturday after a long battle with Lymphona.

Nadia, who was raised by her grandmother after her parents split up when she was seven years old, was estranged from her former events director mother until the pair reconciled last summer.

They reconnected after the I'm a Celebrity star learned of her mother's illness and visited her in London, where Berenice was living at the time.

While the pair made up, Nadia admitted that their relationship continued to be difficult.

"I thought we were going to have a mother and daughter connection, everything would finally be okay - but it got to a place where I had to remove myself from the situation very quickly. I remember getting home that night and someone said to me, 'Stop going back for more' That was it."

However, the 25-year-old admitted that learning about her mother's illness put things into perspective for her.

"There is only one thing that is certain in life - death faces us all in the end, and when that comes all of the other worries and difficulties are not important anymore," she said.

"It put everything into perspective, just how fragile and how precious life is."