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Model Lynn Kelly: Big Brother is not something I'd ever consider


Model Lynn Kelly

Model Lynn Kelly

Model Lynn Kelly

Irish models seem to be taking over reality TV lately and now Lynn Kelly has revealed that she is keen to make her mark on our television screens.

The former Miss Universe Ireland (26) said that she would definitely consider appearing on a reality show - however, she won't be following in Big Brother star Jade Martina Lynch's footsteps.

Instead, the fitness fanatic would prefer to get down and dirty in the jungle like model-turned-singer Nadia Forde.

"I don't think I'd ever do something like Big Brother, but maybe a show like I'm a Celebrity," she told the Diary.

"Something with a bit of adventure would be good, it would have to be exciting.

"With Big Brother, I think I'd probably be so bored looking at four walls every day.

"The opportunity has never come to me, but I would consider it," she added.

Lynn has been one of Ireland's busiest models since being crowned Miss Universe Ireland back in 2008 and although she's done her fair share of photocalls in the unpredictable Irish weather, she's unfazed by the unglamorous side of her job.

"You can't be bothered about things like the weather because when a client books you whether there's rain, hail or snow you have to do the job," she said.


"It's not always the most pleasant thing in the world but you have to love what you do."

She might still be passionate about her day job, but Lynn recently admitted she has returned to college to study sports and nutrition as she looks towards her future.

"I have to be smart about things because I'm not going to model forever," she said.

"So it's good to have [a degree], especially when I have the interest in it.

"It's definitely an avenue that I think I will go down in the future, but I've nothing set in stone at the minute."

Even when she isn't studying, the Dubliner is a big fitness fan and regularly shares gym selfies on her Twitter and Instagram.

Although she loves keeping fit, Lynn said that she has had to "learn" to enjoy working out because keeping a trim figure is one of her job requirements.

"I kind of have to be passionate about fitness," she said.

"I've had to learn to love it.

"I definitely enjoy it more now I know what works for me."