Saturday 18 November 2017

Model boss Jules' relief as her little fighter Arian starts putting on weight

MODEL boss Jules Fallon's premature baby daughter is now off oxygen for the first time.

Arian was born 12 weeks early last November, weighing just 930g (32.8 oz) and since her birth has been in the intensive care unit at Holles Street.

Her mum Jules was rushed to hospital just before her daughter's birth. She was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia toxima and was told that she would need an urgent Caesarean section as the placenta was poisoning her.


Although Arian hasn't been moved completely out of the danger zone, the she is a real fighter and is slowly putting on weight.

"Arian has been moved from high risk to risk," Jules' sister, Trish, told the Herald. "She has put on a few grammes. But it's still day by day."

Arian has now put on 15g and was off oxygen for 13 hours during the day -- which is a huge step for the baby.

"She's thriving -- to me she looks so big now," Jules said. "Every day I go into Holles Street. I just deal with that day."

Jules said that her "little princess" is pulling through thanks to the round-the-clock care at intensive care.

In a special Midday programme on TV3 aired before Christmas, Jules met doctors and staff who have been looking after Arian.

"The last six weeks has been so difficult to deal with but for the rest of my life I'm going to be thankful to Holles Street," Jules said.

"I've had two perfectly healthy pregnancies. I'm never sick. I don't get a bad day. But I thought I was dying. I didn't sleep for two weeks. I had a horrible pain in my stomach, a red rash all over the upper part of body, awful migraine headaches. I was swelling up completely. It was very difficult to do anything."

Dr Rhona Mahony, Master of Holles Street, said that there are 150 babies a year weighing less than 1kg.

"The complication of pregnancy pre-eclampsia, we don't know why it occurs. We think it's a neurological problem," she explained.


"It makes all of the membranes a bit leaky, the liver becomes quite swollen and it affects every organ. Particularly the headaches are worrying."

Although Jules was extremely ill herself, she has now completely recovered and is now forward to the day they might be able to take their daughter home.

Jules' two sons, Sebastian and Christian, have also been a constant source of support for their mum and baby sister.

"Those people in Holles Street have got me through the day," she said. "We are so blessed."


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