Saturday 26 May 2018

Mob's 'five-figure' payout to call off death threats

Michael ‘Mad Mickey’ Devoy, who was shot dead
Michael ‘Mad Mickey’ Devoy, who was shot dead
Daniel Kinahan

The Kinahan cartel has called off a death threat on a north Dublin criminal after a significant cash sum was handed over to the mob.

The "five-figure cash sum" was exchanged at a "sit-down meeting" between the gang and close associates of the under- threat Ballymun gangster.

This led to a promise that he will no longer be targeted by the vicious mob.

The cartel had identified a younger associate of Michael 'Mad Mickey' Devoy - a criminal they murdered in 2014 - as a "prime target" after his release from jail last year.

With the death threat no longer active, the Balymun man - aged in his mid-30s - is now free to continue his criminal activities in north Dublin.

"This individual has been under grave threat from the cartel since he got out of jail but he seems to think he is in the clear after the meeting," a source said.

"The sit-down was attended by a Finglas criminal who is a close friend of his.

"The word is that a deal was negotiated and a significant cash sum was handed over to sort out the dispute."

The subject of the threat was close to Michael 'Mad Mickey' Devoy (41), from Balbutcher Drive in Ballymun, who sustained multiple gunshots to the head and neck and died on January 18, 2014.

The main theory behind Mad Mickey's murder is that he was shot dead because he was the gunman for a botched murder attempt on heroin trafficker and cartel figure Greg Lynch three months earlier.

When Devoy's close associate was released from jail, gardai set up a number of armed checkpoints near his home because of fears that he would be shot dead by the cartel but no shooting incidents happened.

While the threat against the gangster has calmed down, the cartel have previous form for reneging on deals after assuring other criminals that they would not be targeted.

An example of this was the murder of Gary Hutch in Spain's Costa-Del-Crime. It kicked off the deadly feud between the cartel and Hutch's associates.

After the savage murder, it emerged that Gary's uncle Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch had organised a payment of €200,000 to the Kinahan cartel to spare his life and allow him to "retire" from the gang.

However, mob reneged on this deal and then demanded a further €200,000 from Hutch's family.


When this money was not paid, Hutch was shot dead outside his Spanish apartment.

Earlier this month, it emerged that the country's latest gangland murder victim - David 'Daithi' Douglas (55) - had been assured by cartel members that they were no longer in dispute with him.

Sources revealed that Douglas, who was loosely associated with the Hutch gang, received a phone call from a brutal Cabra-based hitman for the cartel, weeks before he was murdered stating that the gangsters "no longer had an issue" with him.

Douglas was subsequently shot up to six times in the head and chest outside the Shoestown shop at Bridgefoot Street on June 30 by a lone gunman.

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