Tuesday 21 November 2017

Mob stones gardai as car of family is blasted in gun attack

A Garda Checkpoint. File picture
A Garda Checkpoint. File picture
Gardai eventually managed to preserve the scene and a technical examination took place

Gardai responding to an gun attack on a car owned by an innocent man were pelted with stones by a mob of youths.

The officers had been originally responding to reports that four blasts from a shotgun had been fired into a car parked outside its owner’s home. The gardai then had to call for back-up.

It is understood that a large rock was thrown at their marked patrol car and the windscreen of the vehicle was smashed-in.

Back-up was called in as the gardai were unable to secure the scene of the shooting, but when additional officers arrived the mob dispersed.

The incident unfolded at around 8pm on Monday in Kippure Park in Finglas, north Dublin.

The owner of the car – a dad-of-two in his 40s – has no involvement in crime and lives in the property with his wife and two sons, aged 23 and nine.

Sources have revealed that the family have become targets for local criminals after being falsely blamed for an incident that happened in the area during the summer.


“The incident – which this family had absolutely nothing to do with – was a threatening behaviour incident which is linked to a boy-racer club.

“It had absolutely nothing to do with them,” a source said.

“This is very much a local issue and it is a cause of great concern that this has happened,” the source added.

Officers from Finglas Garda Station rushed to the scene of the shooting on Monday night.

However, as soon as they got to the location in Kippure Park, a mob of local youths threw stones and screamed abuse at the responding officers. The culprits are not suspected of being involved in the shooting.

Gardai eventually managed to preserve the scene and a technical examination took place.

There have been no arrests in relation to either incident, but sources said that gardai were following a definite line of enquiry.

The car which was shot-up was removed by gardai, who examined the vehicle yesterday.

Last month, figures released by the Central Statistics Office revealed that possession of a firearm was up by 21pc to 214 recorded incidents of this type of crime during the 12 months up to the end of June this year.

However, despite more guns being recovered by gardai the statistics also revealed the number of those firing an illegal weapon dropped by 2pc in that time period.

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