Thursday 17 January 2019

Mixed feelings for locals anxious over new move

Residents in Drumcondra said they have "mixed feelings" about plans to give 13 new apartments to people on Dublin's social housing list in a new building taken over by NAMA.

The Calderwood Court apartments are one of two NAMA-controlled developments in the city made available to people at the top of the council's housing list in the coming weeks.

In Inchicore, 20 apartments at Camac Court will also be made available to people on the public housing list.

Both developments are being managed by the National Association of Building Co-operatives (Nabco).


Kathryn Mulready (68), secretary of the All Hallows Area Association, said local residents met with a representative from Nabco who gave assurances that tenants of Calderwood Court would be vetted and the complex closely managed.

Strict rules regarding bans on balcony washing lines, and other matters were enforced with monthly inspections.

In a letter to Nabco, she said residents felt the apartments were not suitable for children as the new building is on the corner of a busy road with no green areas for playing.

"A sudden increase of, say, 14 plus children with nowhere to go is going to cause social problems for both new and old residents and that is surely a situation to be avoided in the interest of future harmony and integration," she stated.

Nabco's track record in managing its properties appeared to be very good, she told the Herald.

Paul Gray (51) of nearby Grace Park Road said: "If the place is well run, then it will be a very good thing."

A woman living nearby said she was "anxious" there could be "trouble".

Liam Mulready (68) said that although some locals were "horrified" about social housing being provided, a private landlord might not manage the complex as well as Nabco.


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