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Miriam and Steve to celebrate 20 years together

They've been together for two decades and Miriam O'Callaghan has revealed she's planning to celebrate her special anniversary with husband Steve Carson by revisiting the place they first met.

The Prime Time presenter met her other half while they worked together on an RTE show at Strokestown House in Roscommon and now the loved-up pair are planning their return.

"We came back a few years ago and since it's 20 years this month we will come back to visit together," she said.

"We worked together that June but we didn't actually get together for a while after that, but we always said that day in Strokestown was such a special day and it's always had a significant place in my heart," she added.


The broadcaster admitted she felt an instant connection when she first laid eyes on Steve. Her sister had just died and her marriage had broken up.

"My producer called me up and said they were doing a film on the Famine and would I do it, that maybe it would be good for me to go back to work," Miriam explained.

"She also said to me that they had a new producer on board, a guy from Belfast called Steve Carson

"I really liked him straight away. We made a good few shows together; after the Famine documentary, we worked together again in November and then the following year we got together again."

The Dubliner sang her husband's praises and believes he's "the best producer she's ever worked with".

"I loved working with him," she said.

"I've been blessed and really lucky with loads of great producers but he's definitely been the best."

She's worked in broadcasting for over 20 years, but Miriam revealed that the highlight of her career was last month's marriage referendum.

"That day was not only a highlight of this year but in my entire career, it's up there," she told the RTE Guide.