Monday 11 December 2017

'Miracle' no-one killed as shots fired in chase

The Park Lane restaurant, where a shot was fired through a window
The Park Lane restaurant, where a shot was fired through a window

Gardai said that it was a "miracle" that no one was killed or seriously injured in an incident in which a gunman chased two other men firing shots from a handgun in a busy north Dublin street.

A senior source described the events that unfolded on Main Street in Clongriffin shortly after 9.30pm last Saturday as "like something you would expect in the Wild West".

Coolock gardai are investigating the incident which also led to a shot being fired into the window of a Chinese restaurant and takeaway.

Exact details of what happened remain sketchy but gardai were notified that a gunman was seen chasing two men and firing shots at them on the street.


It is understood that the targeted men then ran into a local restaurant for safety and ran through this premises as the gunman waited outside.

Sources said that a short time later, the gunman reappeared but his time was in a car when he noticed his two targets again.

He then fired more shots from the car at the men and one of these bullets shattered the window of the busy Park Lane Chinese restaurant.

After this happened, at 9.40pm, the gunman and his two targets fled the scene before armed gardai rushed to the location.

Amazingly no one was injured in the incident and no arrests have been made.

Gardai have not established the identities of any of the three men involved in the incident but sources said that detectives are working on the theory that one of the targets may be an eastern European national.

"This was a very bizarre incident but also an extremely dangerous one," a source told the Herald.

The Main Street in Clongriffin was sealed off for a number of hours for forensic examinations after the shooting, which is being investigated as a discharge of a firearm incident.

Residents in Clongriffin yesterday said the first they knew of the incident was when they woke on Sunday and saw the street sealed off by gardai and a window broken in the Park Lane restaurant.

Gardai were searching the area methodically but apart from the broken window, locals could see no evidence of an attack.

They also said there did not appear to have been any ambulances called to the area on Saturday night.

A Centra worker said nobody had run into their shop on the street and they did not hear any shots being fired or see anyone being chased.

The window of the Park Lane restaurant was covered up with black plastic but it was possible to see that the pane of glass was broken but had stayed in the frame.

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