Sunday 19 November 2017

Miracle escape for boy in balcony fall

THIS is the little boy who survived a horror 15ft plunge at his home.

Terrified mum Leanne O’Neill watched helplessly as her son Kayden (3) fell from her grasp.

Today she told the Herald that she thought her son was dead when he fell from a balcony onto concrete below.

"I ran back and tried to hold him, but he fell. I thought he was dead when he hit the ground, but then he screamed out," she said.

Miraculously little Kayden survived with just bruising and a broken foot.

The horrific incident occurred when Kayden climbed onto railings on the first floor balcony of the Dorset Street flats complex and fell 15ft to the concrete below.

Leanne was taking Kayden to the playground a the time.

"I was walking down with him and he was three steps behind me. As we got into the stairwell I looked behind me and he had climbed onto the railing using the pebble dash on the walls as grips for his feet," Leanne explained.

"I got a terrible fright and I ran back and tried to hold him as he gripped onto the railings, but he fell. I was helpless as I watched him go down," she added.

Mother-of-two Leanne (20) said she feared the worst for her eldest boy.

I ran down as fast as I could. He was trying to get up and I was trying to hold him down in case he was badly hurt," Leanne explained.

Kayden was rushed to Temple Street hospital where he is still being treated.


Leanne lives on the second floor of the flat complex, and showed the Herald how her own doors have locks on the tops of them to stop her children gaining access to their own balcony.

"They are just not allowed out there. Kids are climbers and balconies are dangerous," she explained.

"I've been on to the council about this kind of thing, trying to get them to raise the balconies higher and make them safer so that kids can't climb the railings," said Leanne.

Kayden is now in a plaster cast and making a good recovery, but Leanne said she will never forget the fright she got.

"I was only out of hospital myself because I'm pregnant. I never ran down the stairs as quick to get to Kayden," she told the Herald.


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