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Minister's office door attacked with curry

VANDALS attacked the constituency office of Labour Minister Aodhan O Riordain over the weekend in a targeted attack.

The vandals wrote "scum" and "traitor" on the door in a permanent marker.

A curry was also thrown and smeared over the door of his constituency office in Marino, Dublin.

Junior Minister O Riordain tweeted a picture of the attack. "This is getting ridiculous," he said.

A Labour party spokesperson said that it was the second time his constituency office has been targeted in recent weeks.

"There was a video on YouTube recently where one of his staff members was harassed," he said.

The spokesperson said he was worried that the most recent attack was more serious, but that the minister would not be reporting the incident to gardai.

"When I saw it first I actually thought it was excrement but it is actually a curry. At first I thought that it was an extremely serious situation but now it appears that it was somebody who didn't like their curry," he said.

"That was clearly somebody who was taking a pop at Aodhan rather than somebody who was just disposing of their curry.

"I am told that he will be just cleaning it all up and that will be the end of it. I don't think he will be reporting that or the fact that somebody wrote on the door," he added.

Mr O Riordain's constituency has been a hive of activity for anti-water protesters in recent months and the Labour spokesperson said that it is possible that the attack was connected to the ongoing saga over water charges.

Labour TD for Waterford Ciara Conway called the attack "horrible" on Twitter and said that her constituency office had also been targeted.

"For staff it's terrible we have had it too," she said.