Friday 15 December 2017

Minister Reilly forced to abandon car and walk

HEALTH Minister James Reilly had to walk in the rain for half an hour after he had to abandon his car to get to an important meeting.

Road users on busy routes in Galway did a double take as they saw the minister trudge through the puddles as he made his way to an official meeting which was a mile away.

Local people may have wondered if Dr Reilly had decided to save the hard-pressed Exchequer paying out on motoring expenses.

Or perhaps they recalled his statements this month about the Irish being the second- fattest in Europe and he was choosing to show a good example by cramming in some physical exercise into his busy day.

The sight of the shank's mare minister on the roads of Galway on Friday evening had a less inspiring explanation.

The minister's car was held up in a traffic jam and he was already late for a meeting at University Hospital, Galway.

The Cabinet member may yet inspire his fellow ministers to abandon their own vehicles a little more often.


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